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Here is the scoop on "Nobody Knows" - latest of Gigi's projects. It is a movie adaptation of her comic Blue Shift. She is producing, directing and staring in it along side David Franklin (aka Braka from Farscape) and Dean Haglund (one of the X-Files lone gunmen). The script is written by Brian Meredith (the guy co-wrote Blue Shift) who doesn't seem to have any credits on IMDB, and the film is co-directed by Fabien Hameline who worked with Gigi on Systolic.

I already posted the teaser trailer here. You can also hear Gigi talk about this project in the OC Talk interview. The film is currently in post production, but there is little info out there on the web about it. These folks really need to learn how to get the information out there on the web. The project's myspace page has been stagnant for months. The Systolic Productions website has even less information.

Since I'm already digging for information, I found a brand new website created for Little Empire Productions. Right now it is completely blank Wordpress installation with a single "Hello World" post. The tagline above the title says "A print & film media experiment by Gigi Edgley". It's probably worth watching this page for future developments.