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Nobody Knows is Almost Done


According to reports from the Creation Con in LA (the Farscape/Stargate joint affair that happened on Nov 6) the following seems to be true:

  1. Gigi's project Nobody Knows is almost, almost done. According to Gigi who directed and produced it, they are only missing two visual effect shots before they can go into post production, editing and all that good stuff. So despite lack of news and her involvement with Resuce Special Ops it appears that she is still actively working on it. Though with her current schedule, it is probably reasonable to expect delays.

  2. Fabled Farscape Webisodes may still see the light of day. It seems that Brian Henson is on board, and so is most of the old Farscape cast. SyFy wants to do them as well, but the only thing they are missing is funding. If they can find a sponsor, it's on. If not... Well, they'll keep looking until they find one.

Thanks to for cluing me in on these minor details.