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Gigi is selling stuff on Ebay again.

Best item of the set? Original Farscape script she used on the set. It is supposed to include personal notes scribbled in the margins. Great collectors item, not only for Gigi fans but for all Scapers in general.

The price for the script at the time of this post was up to 200 AUD which Google tells me is about $210 US (at least today).

Fun fact: apparently this auction caught the eye of some reporter at the Daily Telegraph because they published a short blurb about it the other day. Someone at Sydney Morning Herald also noticed but they apparently did not approve.

They write:

If she ever wins a Logie, PS wonders how long it would be before Gigi Edgley hocked it on eBay.

Well, we will never know unless we give her one, will we? I say that next time she is up for a Logie Sydney Morning Herald should totally campaign for her just to see if it will end up on eBay. Let's treat that as a scientific experiment.