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Things Gigi Can't Live Without


Herald Sun has published this recently - a cute look on her hobbies and passions.

Here is a copy of the article:

ACTOR Gigi Edgley was trying her luck in La La Land in her early 20s when she met her now-fiance, world champion unicyclist and performer Jamey Mossengren.

"After the work stopped because of the writer's strike in 2007, I was going to come home, but Jamey convinced me to stay," she recalls. "He taught me to ride and for the next year, we did street performances all over the world." Since returning home, the 34-year-old - who stars in Nine Network drama Tricky Business, Mondays at 9.30pm - has kept up the hobby, often heading out on her unicycle for hours each day, accompanied by the couple's golden retriever, MacGyver. "It's great exercise and hang-time."

Gigi can't live without...


One day, Jamey said, "I've thought of the perfect name for our child - MacGyver, after the TV show!" And I said, "Well, I don't know about that, so let's get a dog." He's the naughtiest little thing, because we let him be.


I grew up doing contemporary dance and ballet, but I've started burlesque as well. It's empowering and a great way to discover your inner goddess. It's nice to be feminine at times.


This belonged to my late uncle; he was a sailor and quite whimsical. My sisters and I would spin the globe and put our fingers down saying, "This is where I'll meet the love of my life."


Because of my dad [showbiz promoter Michael Edgley], I grew up backstage at circus shows. There's something about flying through the air and feeling effortless.


In this industry, you need something to keep you grounded. I've started doing Bikram yoga, which is in 40-degree heat for an hour-and-a-half.


There are seven of us kids; they put up with me through all my ups and downs. Mum [Jeni, top] is spiritual; Dad [above centre, at his wedding to Edgley's step-mum, Justine] is about working tirelessly - two energies critical to what I do.


My skin was really tired when I was filming [sci-fi series] Farscape, because of all the make-up. My sister Capi is a naturopath and used me as an experiment for her skincare line; the range is amazing and all free trade.