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OK Magazine Interview


OK Magazine has published a short interview with the Tricky Business leading actors.

Romance and fun is in the air as this Tricky Business trio tell OK! what to expect from their new show Tricky Business

There's nothing complicated about OK!'s photo shoot with the three main castmates from Tricky Business.

Leading lady Gigi Edgley and the men who play her character's two love interests, Kip Gamblin and Antony Starr, are ready to roll at Sydney's historic Vaucluse House in record time - and it turns out that they are just as photogenic as their picturesque surrounds.

There's no sign of drama on the cloudless morning, but when it comes to Channel 9's 13-part series, which follows main maven Kate Christie (Gigi) and the inner workings of her family's business, Sapphire Mercantile Agency, it's a very different story.

'There's a lot going on for Kate - she's an undercover agent, she's a mum and, on top of all that, she's trying to figure out if her partner of two years, Rick [Kip], who has severely betrayed her trust, is the man for her - or if delicious stranger Matt [Antony] is worth pursuing,' Gigi explains.

Despite her character's messy love life, the role of TV's newest glamour girl is something that 34-year-old Gigi is relishing after her overall-clad action days in Rescue Special Ops.

'I love that Kate gets to dress up and has two boys to toss up over,' Gigi says. 'It's very girlie.'

It's clear that the boys - Kip, 36, whom you might recognise from his Home and Away days, and Antony, 36, who appeared in New Zealand hit Outrageous Fortune - are quite taken with their gorgeous co-star.

When asked about the kissing scenes they share together, Gigi immediately passes it over to the guys: 'You'll have to ask them about that one...' she says, laughing. Both, in turn, blush. 'A gentleman never tells,' Kip grins.

What the trio are very vocal about, however, is the show's comparisons with family favourite Packed to the Rafters. There's a difference, they argue - 'This show's much more down-to-earth and the characters are more real. It's quite a lot darker than your beautified Rafters,' Kip says.

He, along with his co-stars, can't wait for Aussies to be swept up in the story of Kate and her two loves. Only question is, who will she end up with?

What do you think viewers will love about Tricky Business?

Kip: It's something very different to what is already on TV.

Gigi: Aussie TV has been in need of a new energy for a long time - [the] majority of it is reality shows or American sitcoms. It's time we embrace the talent we have right here.

So what's the vibe like on set?

Antony: It's fun, fresh.

Kip: You could tell that everyone was excited to be part of something new.

Gigi: We committed a lot of time to rehearsing before we started filming so, by the time we got to filming, we knew each other pretty well.

For the full interview, pick up a copy of this week's OK! magazine, on sale now!